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Rails Best Practices: Super Deluxe Championship Edition

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The Story

Life isn’t all lazy days for our hero Matz who toils all day in the coding fields - the code abounds with dangers. Can you help Matz survive the perilous framework of Ruby on Rails and defeat the evil Dictator Heathen Harry (DHH)?

Your only hope to save the Rubian race is to study under humble guru Gregg and learn the art of Rails Best Practices, Super Deluxe Championship Edition! Your study will consist of 5 levels, each with a 10-12 minute screencast, followed by several code challenges in the browser. Some of the topics include:

Employ your best tactics Code Master, but watch out! Your code skills are limited. If you run out of Rubies before an attack wave ends, it could be the end!

How to Play

To get started on your quest you’ll need to create a Code School account and purchase the course. Watching the videos at the start of each level will help, but you’ll need to pass all the code challenges to get past each level, and complete the course.


You should not try Rails Best Practices if you’ve never built a Rails app or enhanced 3d polygons make you dizzy. If you need to learn Rails, start with Rails for Zombies (it's free).